1.  What if I don't like the drawing?
This is a custom order. It's all about you. I'll mail your color choices to you, so you won't have to guess. Then, you'll have two opportunities to change to the drawing. I want you to be happy; I need your honesty to be successful.

2.  What if you don't have my perfect color?
Pottery is a popular hobby. There are many companies and colors choices available. This may slow the timeline down and add to the cost because some testing will need to be done.

3.  Can the tiles be used outside?
Yes, the tiles are fired to vitrification, which means they no longer absorb water, making them waterproof and freeze and thaw proof.

4.  What is the timeline?
Generally, it takes up to eight weeks. The size of your ceramic mural is the easiest decision. I begin by making the tiles so they can be drying while we decide on color and imagery.

5.  What additional fees may apply?
-Color samples are free, the customer is responsible for the shipping fees.

-Commercial glaze colors are shown on white clay, I use a red clay and testing a color to make sure it's right will be necessary. You'll be responsible for glaze and shipping costs but not my time to test it within reason.

6.  What if some of the tiles break in shipping?
I will replace them for free and will need to see proof, photos of the tiles and packaging, and be notified immediately. Not at a later time.

7.  What if the installer breaks or ruins the tile.
My responsibility ends when the tiles arrive safely. I do keep a scaled drawing of your project so a replacement tile can be made. Glazes, even from a company, will change over time. Getting an exact color match may not be available if you wait over a length of time.

8.  Do you have an installer recommendation?
I am happy to share the names of installers in Raleigh. If you're building a home or having a room remodeled the contractor will have someone he/she prefers to work with. The tiles will be labeled with a map to make installation easy.

9.  Will other people like it?
My work is meant to be subliminal support to what creates joy and happiness in you.  Even if your friends don’t like it they will recognize that it is well designed, finely crafted, and beautiful.

10.  What if I don’t like my noncustom purchase?
If you receive a purchase and are unhappy with the quality; you can return it for a refund minus the credit card fees.