Interested in custom ceramic tile?

Projects created by commission allows you and I to creatively collaborate on designing tile murals for anywhere in your home.

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Design Process

I can meet you at the studio or via Facebook or Facetime. Things that will help me help you are:

 •    Your ideas
•    Your favorite colors, colors you hate
•    Patterns or color combinations that you like
•    Whether you’d like a pet included in the image
•    Favorite flowers
•    Things you collect like elephants or teapots 
•    What are your kids into
•    Your budgeT
•    Measurements of the area to be tiled
•    Samples of the countertop material and cabinet colors
•    Anything that visually describes the look, style or feeling you want 

These items will give our conversation a starting point. We'll develop an idea with two ways to proceed:

•     I can do a scaled drawing for $300.00
•    You can trust me to do it directly on the tiles.

Once the idea is agreed upon a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to begin. You'll have two opportunities to make changes to the drawing. I'll send you pictures of the glazing process and maybe even a fast art video of your project being completed. When fired, a finished image will be sent for approval. I'll receive your email telling me you love it. Then, I'll send an invoice the other 50% and shipping fee if necessary.

Great care is taken to package your tiles. If anything arrives damaged, I'll replace it free of charge. 


Tile projects are priced by the square foot.

•     Field tiles (single color) are $100 per square foot
•    Hand-painted cured seca tiles are $400 per square foot

To calculate square footage, multiply the length x the width in inches and divide by 144 = amount of square footage needed.

Turn around time is roughly eight weeks depending on size and complexity of order. 

For big installations, I recommend ordering 10% more tile than is needed to do the job. For smaller ones (like fireplaces) 5%. 

Each kiln load is unique. Humidity, temperature and clay conditions change from batch to batch. I recommend you order all you will ever need when initially purchasing. 

Please contact me with questions via text or the form below. I'm here to help.

Fill out the form and tell me about your project! 

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