Interested in custom ceramic tile?

Projects created by commission allows Marina and her clients to creatively collaborate on designing pieces for specific uses and spaces within a home or office setting.

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Design Process

Want to be a part of the design? We encourage customers to send their:

  • ideas and suggestions

  • list of possible motifs to be included

  • measurements

  • fabric colors and patterns

  • color samples

  • questions


Together you and Marina will develop an idea. Then, there are two ways to proceed. Marina can do a scaled drawing for $300.00. Or, you can trust her to do it directly on the tiles.

A 50% deposit is required to begin. The customer will have two opportunities to make changes as Marina will email you a picture of the drawing once it is on the tile and before glazing begins. Finally, you will be emailed a finished image of your tile project for approval. Then, an invoice with shipping costs will be sent and the tiles packed to make their way to your home.

Great care is taken to package your tiles, if anything arrives damaged Marina will, of course, replace it free of charge.


Tile projects are priced by square foot.

-Field tiles (single color) are $100 per square foot

-Hand painted cured seca tiles are $400 per square foot

To calculate square footage: length x width in inches and divide by 144 = amount of tile needed.

Turn around time is roughly 8 weeks depending on how much work is in the studio. For big installations we recommend ordering 10% more tile than is needed to do the job. For smaller ones (like fireplaces) 5%. Each kiln load is unique since humidity, temperature and clay conditions change from batch to batch. Therefore we recommend you order all you will ever need when initially purchasing. 

Please contact us for specifics or questions below, we're here to help!

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