Set the tone of your home with decorative ceramic art tiles, table lamps, and vases that communicate “joie de vivre” into accessible design, cheerful imagery, and easy-to-care for, durable artwork.


 Marina’s ceramic tiles express authentic beauty and creativity, giving you permission to see your world differently. From kitchen backsplashes to historically inspired fireplace surrounds, Marina makes the process easy. Your project can be completed efficiently, and with your own personal creative flair, then shipped anywhere in the world.


Cuerda Seca,

Spanish for dry cord, is an ancient technique developed by the Moors in the 14th century as a time-saving way to mimic the look of mosaics. Using a liquid wax resist, I create surface tension causing the glaze particles to pile up on one another. Although the wax fires off early in the process; the glaze stays put.

The wax gives you the faux grout line while the thick application of glaze raises the surface of the individual colors creating the look of a mosaic. This cloisonné inspired method produces rich colors and a desire to reach out and touch it.

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