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Marina’s Bosetti’s Art Nouveau-inspired, handmade, ceramic tiles express authentic beauty, design and creativity that give you permission to see your world a little differently. Whether you are renovating an Arts and Crafts bungalow, remodeling a room, updating your fireplace or just want a one-of-a-kind gift, there are plenty of items available in our shop right now. If you want to commission a design uniquely your own, contact Marina to get started on a commissioned piece; you’ll play an integral role in the design process.

Creating ceramic tiles is an age-old art that transforms slabs of clay into inspired masterworks. Marina uses the ancient technique of “cuerda seca,” a cloisonné-inspired method that mimics the look of mosaic, to create tiles with intensely rich ceramic glazes and textures so soft you long to touch each one.

Driven by a passion to re-imagine the ordinary to create the extraordinary, each hand-crafted tile marries Marina’s talent with your taste to create unique backsplashes, mirrors, tables, sinks and standalone art.

“Personal expression is integral to my work. When customers may be choosing between two pieces, I encourage them to select the piece that evokes a feeling or sensation most appealing to them.” -- Marina


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Being Green

Tile is considered a “green” building material because it is eco-friendly. It comes from a renewable resource and emits no toxic fumes.

Marina’s personal practice is use as little water as possible and reuse it when applicable; fire tightly loaded kilns (to consume less power); apply lead free glazes and employ recycled shipping materials. When she needs to spray a project, she captures the overspray and recycles it.

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“My wife and I have been looking for just the right tile to use in our kitchen backsplash. After 35 years together, we rarely agree on things like this without extensive debate … that is until we saw some of your tile work which blew us both away.”

— Michael Taylor